Dr. Denise Watts

Dr. Denise Watts

Strategic Partner

Dr. S. Denise Watts is an educational professional and practitioner with experience as a leader at the school and district level. She has a track record of significantly improving the quality of education for school-age children, especially those in traditionally underserved communities. . Watts is experienced in working with various educational organizations to create desired conditions in which school leaders, teachers and students thrive through a range of coherent support services which include professional development, coaching, diagnostic reviews, strategic planning, and school transformation supports. She demonstrates a high level of proficiency in infusing best practice, innovation and thought partnership to enable success at all levels and across a diverse range of people.

Denise Watts currently serves as Chief of District Support for the University of Virginia’s Partnership for Leaders in Education. In this role, she works to assist school districts from around the country in efforts to transform system-level conditions in service of schools. Formally, Watts was employed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools as the learning community superintendent and executive director of Project L.I.F.T. (Leadership and Investment for Transformation), a philanthropic initiative composed of leaders from Charlotte’s largest community and family foundations aiming to accelerate student achievement. Her role included overseeing the initiative and supervising/developing principals in up to 29 schools serving the district’s most educational and economically disadvantaged students.

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