The Innovation Project

To strengthen opportunities for all children in North Carolina by building local capacity, through a collaboration of school districts, to address common challenges in public education through innovation.

The Innovation Project (TIP) is a collaborative working group of forward-thinking North Carolina district superintendents with a team of staff and collaborators. We ground our work in objective evidence while acknowledging the need to thoughtfully consider and implement promising, pioneering practices. New TIP projects emerge from rigorous analysis of research and national best practices, which inform superintendents’ engagement in iterative design processes.

TIP’s work is driven by three overlapping themes: innovation, collaboration, and capacity building. These touchstones orient our approach to decision-making and guide our project design.


Innovation encapsulates our future-oriented view and willingness to try promising, new approaches.



Collaboration defines our processes, from the work of TIP superintendents to identify and address strategic priorities, to our deep engagement with teachers and leaders in the design and execution of all projects.

Capacity Building

And finally, capacity building at the district and school levels is crucial to sustaining change in light of the dynamism and complexity of school systems.