As a collaborative, we approach innovation through an equity lens where we strive for every student and every community to thrive. We ground our work in objective evidence while acknowledging the need to thoughtfully consider and implement promising, pioneering practices.

Our current projects are driven by the themes of rethinking, reimagining, and redesigning public education. These touchstones orient our approach to decision-making and guide our project design. We build networks across our school districts and communities that accelerate and sustain innovation.

 In our work, we are helping our member districts respond to the suffering and deepening inequities that the pandemic is unleashing.  As we move forward, including into the next year, we also will focus on using our collaborative approach to redesign education to a more equitable and learner-centered system as we move through crisis to transformation.

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Recent Work

South Since the War Book Cover

In observance of Juneteenth: ‘Their first political act’

As June 19, 1865, marks the end of enslavement, September 29, 1865, marks the beginning of North Carolina freedmen collectively asserting their rights.  The 1865 North Carolina Freedmen’s Convention is one of the first such conventions in the South. Read More

Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

TIP Receives Grant for Innovative, Equitable Educational Opportunities

The Innovation Project (TIP) for its Solutions Creators Action Network, which includes TIP leaders and a diverse group of outside partners, who are committed to rethinking, reimagining and redesigning public education, with equity at the forefront with support from the State Board of Education and other local leaders. Read More

Woman on computer

Reimagining Education: The Three Elephants in the Room

As we pass the two-month mark since the initial wave of COVID-19 school closures, conversations are shifting from crisis management to what school might look like when students eventually return to brick-and-mortar classrooms. Read More


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