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With a generous three-year grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, TIP and its partners have developed and supported an inter-district network focused on redesigning learning environments to better address the early learning needs of vulnerable children. In its first two years, the Early Learning Network (ELN) engaged school design teams and principals from 36 schools in 12 North Carolina districts. In its third year, the ELN built on the first two cohorts’ experiences by supporting participating district teams in designing innovative prototypes to respond to the pandemic’s impacts on early learning.

See below for more information on the prototype developed by Edgecombe County Public Schools as part of the third cohort of TIP’s Early Learning Network.

For more information on the ELN’s vision and activities, click here.

ECPS Early Learning Video


The Key to Community-Wide Success: Early Childhood Learning Programs

Have you seen a child’s eyes light up as they experience something new? It’s a magical moment, and life’s first four years are full of them.

These learning moments are about more than the joy—they can also ensure children start kindergarten on track, setting them up for a lifetime of success. That’s why early childhood learning programs are critical not just for our littlest learners, but for our entire community.

By Our Community for Our Community

By Our Community, For Our Community Early Childhood Learning Programs

Children involved in early childhood education programs experience an exciting range of learning opportunities—ones that benefit not just the child, but the entire community.

When kids can attend early learning programs, they are more likely to start kindergarten on track, learn important social emotional skills that will help them succeed in school and life, graduate high school and find fullling careers.

In Partnership with Your Community

Creating Early Childhood Programs In Partnership With Your Community

Before Edgecombe County Public Schools (ECPS) launched its early childhood learning program, the team started with important questions: what does our community want for our kids? What do our littlest learners need? These questions jumpstarted a critical community feedback process, through which families and early learning leaders helped design ECPS’s early learning programs.

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