At The Innovation Project, our member districts collaborate to design, implement, and share innovative and promising practices. 

We divide our work together into two categories:

TIP Member Services

TIP provides space and support for district leaders to use innovation as a lever to improve public schools. Our district members meet regularly to brainstorm outside-the-box solutions to common challenges. Members provide insights into transformative programs in their districts through presentations, resource-sharing, and hosting site visits and other in-district events. Our staff, collaborators, and partners support members to operationalize new ideas through iterative program design and outreach to funders and other organizations with aligned approaches to education innovation. TIP also provides individualized support to help its district members develop innovations unique to each district’s culture, strategic plan, priorities, and vision.

In addition to our membership meetings, TIP convenes specific professional learning communities for superintendents and district innovation leads. Through TIP’s Superintendent Working Group and our Innovation Leads PLC, we provide job-alike opportunities for professional development and collaborative problem solving. 

TIP Incubator

TIP works with partners to expand innovation through initiatives that support our mission and theory of change.  This work is conducted from our “TIP Incubator.” As the name implies, TIP and our members and partners are engaged in early stages of innovation where we can serve as catalysts for change. Projects that are part of the TIP Incubator enable subsets of our membership to pioneer innovations in their districts and share what they learn with other TIP Members, providing a community for iterative design, a crucible for engaged learning, and a collaborative audience for scaling what works.

Through the TIP Incubator, we seek initiatives that:

  • advance innovation across a network of schools or school districts;
  • engage in early-stage innovation or prototyping that aligns with our themes of rethinking, reimagining, and redesigning education;
  • pursue promising partnerships and grant opportunities that would be difficult for individual districts to seek on their own;
  • analyze evidence-based practices and emerging new ideas and extend them to diverse settings in order to ensure equity in opportunity
  • collaborate with a strong network of partners in the implementation and funding of initiatives.

 By catalyzing the efforts of our member districts and partners around these opportunities, the TIP Incubator accelerates the development of promising new initiatives and practices. After building initiatives within TIP, we aim to open up what works to the entire state, as we have done with numerous programs including our Restart Schools Collaborative, Virtual Academy Collaborative, and TIP Teaching Scholars.

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