TIP Early Learning Network

With a generous grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, TIP and its partners have developed and are supporting an inter-district network focused on redesigning learning environments to better address the early learning needs of vulnerable children. The TIP Early Learning Network will be comprised of cohorts of 15-20 elementary schools per year for three consecutive years. Most or all network schools will be among those categorized by the state as “low-performing.” Many will be Restart Schools.

The network will take a concerted approach to three interrelated activities that together will enable schools to achieve transformative results: transformation through school design, coaching for entrepreneurial school leadership, and innovative district supports. TIP is thrilled about our partnership with the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at N.C. State to lead network school principals and school design teams through an intensive process to define learner-centered goals and strategies to improve early learning outcomes. Principals will also participate in leadership development activities specifically designed to prepare them for the unique opportunities and challenges of running innovative, entrepreneurial schools. Finally, TIP staff will work closely with superintendents and district leaders to structure their local leadership efforts to support and empower principals and school teams.



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