Granville Academy – Granville County Schools

This Fall, we visited Granville Academy to learn about their successes in creating a blended learning model. This K-12 program is housed in two buildings, one of which is a repurposed middle school that was closed last year.  It is specifically designed to address the needs of the homeschooling community by providing an educational approach that allows parents to be more deeply involved in delivering education as well as a non-traditional, quieter, smaller space for student interaction.  Granville Academy is a full-time program and meets all course requirements for each grade level.  Currently, the enrollment is 168 across all grades.

The selection of materials will vary by grade levels/courses.  Teachers align the curriculum to state standards, design lesson plans for the in-class time as well as the delivery of online programs at home with the support of parents who serve as “learning coaches.”  Teachers use class time to build relationships and create opportunities for project-based learning.

Granville Academy provides the opportunity to explore a more flexible learning environment and develop approaches that may be applied more extensively across the district.

Alisa McLean, Superintendent
Bill Graham, Principal


1017 Main Campus Dr.
Suite 2300
Raleigh, NC 27606


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