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TIP – ASaP – Kenan Institute – NCSU:  Guide to Experiential Entrepreneurship (GEE) Honors CTE Course

TIP is working with its partners to provide high-quality experiential entrepreneurship education that will be ready to implement in the Fall of 2020.  As you put together your CTE and course plans this Spring for 2020-21, please consider including an Entrepreneur I Honors course.  This course is a great compliment to coursework for college or career preparation.

The nonprofit organization, Applied Synergies Partnership (ASaP), provides high school students with relevant, inquiry-based Experiential Entrepreneurship Education that develops their adaptive leadership and 21st century skills that are in demand by our employers.  GEE is an honors level alternative to be delivered in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship I DPI-CTE curriculum. Instructors who wish to offer a more realistically rigorous and personally meaningful course will appreciate GEE’s hands-on approach.

Our most recent meeting was on March 16.  TIP districts Mt. Airy City Schools and Asheboro City Schools have been engaged in this work.  We expect the curriculum to be ready around mid-April.  Dr. Morrison has offered to host training for teachers on the curriculum in conjunction with the July 13-17 CTE conference in Winston-Salem.

ASaP evolved from the relationships between WCPSS teacher Dan Jackson, Raj Narayan, Assistant Director of The Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology and Science, Associate Director of KIETS and Professor of the Practice of Entrepreneurship, and Dr. Lisa Chang, Director of the NCSU Poole College of Management TEC Program.  Leslie Scott – a veteran in entrepreneurship and in working in rural communities has further refined the curriculum.  Like District C, this program is part of TIP’s framework for reimagining public education to a more learner-centered, entrepreneurial approach.

Please let us know if you are interested.  We also will share information as it is available.



NCSU Centennial Campus
Partners I Building
1017 Main Campus Dr. Suite 1650
Raleigh, NC 27606
Email: info@tipnc.org

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