Dr. Tamar AvineriIn March 2019, TIP and N.C. State University received a $1.84 million grant to run a five-year North Carolina High School Mathematics Master Teacher Fellows Program. In 2021-22, TIP will bring on Dr. Tamar Avineri, an experienced mathematics teacher, to support the Program. Dr. Avineri is a faculty member at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM), where she has been teaching since 2004. She will work with the Program team at N.C. State to provide mentorship and professional development to Fellows and prepare them to pursue National Board Certification. 

Dr. Avineri earned a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego; a master’s degree in Mathematics at UCLA; and a Ph.D. in Math Education at N.C. State. In addition to teaching at NCSSM, Dr. Avineri has taught in community colleges and at Elon University, and she has been active in teaching through videoconference and reviewing and developing online courses. 

The purpose of the Master Teacher Fellows Program is to strengthen the leadership skills and instructional practices of 20 high school mathematics teachers in TIP Member districts. Over five years, teachers are completing a master’s program (or earning a graduate certificate), attending professional development sessions each year, working collaboratively to apply for National Board Certification, completing a mentor training program, and attending and presenting at mathematics teaching conferences.

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